Why a Good Google SEO Company Should Approach Your Website Like a New TV Series

People use Google SEO Company as a search term but in actual fact there is no such type of company in the way that there are Google AdWords Certified Companies who have passed Google Exams. However it is a very popular search term and that is the foundations of a good SEO campaign. The mindset of the people searching is more than likely that they wish to find a company who can get great results for them on Google with it being the biggest and most important search engine for the moment.

The subject of SEO is highly documented on the web and contains plenty of good information but also plenty of mis-information. This leads to it being more difficult to understand for some business owners who let’s face it are busy running their business!

To understand SEO the first step is to think like a search engine 谷歌seo. Search engines are continually refining their processes in order to give their customers a better experience. This means that SEO which has been done to try to fool the search engines will sooner or later be no use. For example Google’s evaluation of links has become stricter and will continue to do so.

Think about times when you have searched for something and some of the results were not what you were looking for then you were not as satisfied a search engine customer as you could have been. As a search engine customer you want to find a selection of the most highly relevant websites on your first search without trawling down lots of pages. This is what the search engines want to deliver also.

From an SEO point of view this means that websites should deliver to both search engines customers’ expectations and also to the technical necessities of the search engines. To achieve this requires good old fashioned hard work, technical knowledge and creativity. For websites who wish to achieve important Google SEO rankings a combination of specialist, excellent content on their website and evidence of other good websites giving votes of confidence (links) is what works over time.

Google has no way to check out your shop/website except for the technical messages you give to it and then other reputable websites feeling it is important enough to link to it. Before the internet if someone was to recommend a business they would have physically met the people involved and seen the office or shop. Google and the search engines have to evaluate your business on the votes of others from their websites.

So Google is checking out the company you keep. They won’t penalize you if someone links to your website if they feel they are not reputable, they could however if you link to a website which becomes blacklisted by them. It is important not to get over excited with promises of thousands of links as there is a good chance that they may not translate into much quality.

Another way to look at Google SEO is like a new TV series. See your website as a TV Series that you will release and wish it to be popular. Naturally you will make sure that the production is as good as possible and that you have a cast of talented actors. This is like the onsite optimisation.

Plan your website like a new TV series, you have the big plot and the sub plots. You will want the information to be expert and ideally have something different to offer, but ideas also for future episodes. This means at the beginning of the website you must have all your products/services/keywords covered and plenty of information for a good customer experience. Yet you should have areas of expertise that you can drill down into and expand out into really specific specialist pages.

You know the kind of buzz that has been created by some new TV Series, so if a buzz can be created by your website to some extent on the internet some of the most important SEO work is in place for good Google SEO rankings. If this work is done especially well links will come naturally over time, however building links is one of the most important parts of SEO and a creative, clever link building campaign should go hand in hand with the onsite optimisation.

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