What Has Been Achieved in the Last 3 Years

Brexit: What a fiasco! We were expected to vote to exit or remain in Europe without knowing what we were voting for. Many voted leave to take charge of our borders and immigration, but no-one stopped to think how important this workforce is to farmers, hospitals, care-homes or hotels. The British just don’t want these low paid jobs.

Brexit: what are the pros and cons of leaving the EU? | The Week UK

No-one came up with a concise list of pros and cons before the vote or at any time since; all politicians have their own agenda. Then the prime minister kept us all in the dark re her plans. Various bodies have made assumptions regarding the trail of disasters that could be created if we leave with no deal, but still the government charge on blindly arguing amongst themselves, whilst the soon to be chosen leader has his own agenda, with no apparent plan for a solution to areas like the backstop, but is determined to crash out if necessary brexit millionaire reviews.

Why can’t we have a new vote with clear reasons for and against, that the public can understand, a program has been thoroughly thought through? Why should the politicians make all the decisions, supposedly on our behalf when they are only looking after their own interests or seeing things from a biased viewpoint? Let the people have a say again with a re-vote!

As for the rubbish claims on the red bus, by the man who could be our next prime minister; that is unbelievable, he was just creating lies and sensationalism for his own cause.

Brexit is a momentous decision and will have long-term effects for the country and the people on both sides of the channel. We need up-to-date information, a new vote and probably a new government. What a shambles of infighting and disarray. Give power to the people.

What a waste of money, this preparation, and lack of it has created. Millions wasted. Not to mention the cost to businesses in the stock piling and loss due to the uncertainty. We must be the laughing-stock of the world. Three years and we are no closer to knowing what it will mean to the average person or the population at large.

Meanwhile the government have ignored all pressing issues that need a solution: Health care and the NHS, crime and falling police numbers, education and lack of funding. This wasted money could have been better spent.

The last 3 years have been a shambles and I don’t see the forth-coming period being an improvement. This is the 21st century in a civilized country and people need food banks to survive. Youngsters are being killed on the streets by knife crime and drug gangs are rife throughout the country, whilst the politicians appear to live in another world.

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