Psychic Visions

Everybody, whether he is ‘psychic’ or not, sees in his life visions that leave him baffled, for these visions are not dreams but premonitions that in the near future translate into reality. The visions are related to what one desires, loves, or hates. The intensity of our thoughts and desires–whether of love or hatred-defines the strength, quality, clarity and the continuity of the visions before the mind’s eye.

There is, however, a great difference between the visions perceived by a layman and a psychic. In the case of a layman, the vision may not have substance, the energy or the consciousness and despite the intensity of the focus, the vision may only reflect his attitude towards the person or the situation. An attitude of hatred or love may reveal the vision in that light, even though the object may not deserve that attitude. He cannot communicate with that vision. Such visions may make the person irrational, paranoid, and pathological, and a case fit to be brought to the attention of the psychic healer.

A psychic is an elevated soul. He is a divinely endowed person who possesses hyper sensitive awareness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, the third eye, the sixth sense and an intuition, which he may have inherited from his birth or acquired under the tutelage of a master psychic by diligent study and hard work. Above all, a successful psychic is filled with empathy and compassion for the suffering clients and works for their welfare and happiness in accordance with laws of natural justice.

The visions that the psychic sees are fundamentally different from those seen by the layman in that the psychic sees the vision of the astral body of the person and not necessarily his physical body. The astral Vision 20 reviews body, depending upon the stage of its development, is made up of subtle, vibrant, powerful light energy and is capable of communicating and cooperating with the psychic in respect of the problems that are placed before it. The vision of the astral body may also be the guiding spirit of the client. It may even be of an angel.

The psychic, by virtue of his talents and with or without the help of the spirits, may see the visions of the past and also the future through his third eye, studying the aura and interpreting the dreams using various tools like tarot cards, astrology, or crystal balls and so on.

The history of the world abounds with true stories of psychic visions about the impending natural calamities seen by the well-known psychics and how they proved true in the long run. The sad part of the story is that the agnostics refused to heed them and as a result, humanity suffered.

Psychic ability to see the visions can be developed by conscious efforts, though some persons are born with the gift of intuition, just as others are born mathematicians, scientists, athletes and so on. It is quite possible to acquire awareness of the subtle energies and the ability to see psychic visions through hard work, dedication, and concentration.

It has been rightly said that “genius is simply an energy focused intensely and consistently on a certain matter.” The same aptly describes the process for developing psychic powers to see a vision that transcends the normal five senses and in this way provide an insight into situations that otherwise defy all human logic. All you require is practice, perseverance, focus, and intense attention to small stimuli and subtle energy changes.
There are three types of psychic visions– visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. There are some people, who, besides seeing the pictures and visions, can even ‘see’ the sounds and ‘talk to themselves more in their minds’. Similarly, there are also those experience kinesthetic visions involving physical movements and sensations.

The ability for a psychic visual perception can be developed by patient practice of some basic exercises involving first the process of seeing physically your favorite objects and then closing the eyes and re-producing or envisioning them within the mind’s eye. The practice can be continued by envisioning the colors of various objects, separately and collectively. The visionary skills can be advanced by picturing our loved ones, especially those with whom we interact daily. The exercise can be further advanced by trying to recreate visions of those who you had seen quite some time ago, and then someone you had seen just once in your childhood. After a good deal of practice, you will find the images or the visions will become clearer.

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