Psychic Science and Law – Is it Controlled?

Psychic Science is an umbrella term for a number of scientific approaches to psychic phenomena. The belief that there are some ways in which psychic phenomenon can affect physical reality. With the exception of parapsychology, which regards psychic phenomena as an instance of mental ability, scientific research focuses on neurophysiology, cognitive science, and cognitive psychology in order to explain psychic phenomena. Additionally, a history of psychic activity is compiled and analyzed to interpret its past and predict its future. A study into psychic power shows a consistent trend of convergence between paranormal phenomena and scientifically established scientific theories such as neurophysiology, cognitive science, and cognitive psychology.

The Message of Psychic Science to the World : Mary Everest Boole :  9780559903595

Psychic Science by Philip Zimbardo, University of San Francisco; ISBN: 034037805X/ISBN/cloth; Pages: 327 Bookseller: College campus | university} This book covers nearly every aspect of the history of psychic science, with special attention given to the first recorded cases of psychic phenomena, and the controversy surrounding them. Psychic Science by Philip Zimbardo, University of San Francisco; ISBN: 034037805X/ISBN/cloth; Pages: 327 Bookseller: College campus | psychic} Philip Zimbardo’s fascination with psychic phenomena began at a very young age, when a strange incident caused him to have a seizure and he ended up in a coma for two weeks giai ma bi an the gioi. At the age of seventeen, he decided to pursue his lifelong passion, psychic readings, while in the hospital. Upon recovering, he pursued his passion and became interested in psychic readings from that point on. The result of this research was the development of his own unique brand of psychic science, called “The Gift”. In the years since, his interest in spiritualism has grown, and has inspired the development of several schools of thought.

Philip Zimbardo states that California’s “Spiritual Law” is based on “a system of law which postulates that individuals are psychic, link with other individuals who are psychic, and are connected to the metaphysical reality”. According to Philip Zimbardo, one of these laws is, “There is no such thing as segregation in any culture, because every civilization mixes”. He goes on to state, “No one can prove that segregation is wrong or right… Anyone who tries to prove that either there is or isn’t a separation between people on psychic levels is committing an outrageous and unprecedented act of propaganda.” According to Philip Zimbardo, after writing this article, he has been contacted by the United States Federal Government, who is “actively looking for evidence of psychic Phenomena in their midst, much like they seek to prove aliens exist”.

The Spiritualist Church also filed a suit against Zimbardo, stating that he violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, as well as the rights of the press and religion under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. According to the United States Federal Government, they filed the suit in an effort to prevent the former professor from using copyrighted material in his new film, which he is calling a “DOCUMENTARY THERAPY”. The government claimed that Zimbardo’s film would give a medium a license to promote Christianity in the United States, which was not allowed under the previous law. Many people have criticized both the United States Federal Government and the Spiritualist Church, claiming that they have a point, but the government is overstepping its bounds and encroaching on private property, even when it is used for religious purposes.

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