New Job Search: Tips To Keep In the Bag Before You Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

While you have worked at your current company for a while and you have certainly learned quite a few new skills, it is time for you to make a change. Your new job search is going to be something that you are going to keep quiet, at least for a short time, however, if you are not careful, the news will be broadcast before you are actually ready to. It may seem devious, but telling your current job that you are on a new job search before you are ready can cause misunderstandings and can also cause some hurt feelings. The higher up in the organization that you are, the closer to the vest you need to keep a new job search until you know what your prospects are or have been offered a job. This does not mean that a new job search should be kept secret until your final day of employment- do give enough lead time for the company to find and train a replacement The Cat site.

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Keeping a New Job Search Quiet While Making Some Gentle Waves

You are going to want to send out applications and resumes, you might even use a job search web site. However, when you post your resume there, you might find out that the Human Resources department at your current employer is also looking at resumes- and that might lead you to realize that you were not as indispensable and irreplaceable at your job as you previously believed. To prevent that from happening, always post your resumes to these sites as private and only allow it to be viewed by companies that you are actually applying at. This keeps the resume from being viewed by your boss who might have suspicions and check for such activity.

If you are confronted by HR about a possible new job search, tell them that you are currently exploring all options and that nothing has happened as of yet. It may not be enough to keep them from not advancing you in your position and it still may cause a rift, but you can be confident that you were professional and honest.

When to Announce a New Job Search to Your Current Company

If you have had a few interviews or have actually been offered a position, you should announce this to the boss. If you would like to stay in that position and were angling for a better position, now is the time to see if that is possible. If not, then you are well within your rights to leave so that you can move forward in your career.

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