Magic Wand Bacopa Herb for Memory Enhancement

The Indian system of ayurvedic medicine used the herb called Brahmi for thousands of years to enhance the memory power. This is known as bacopa herb. It is the fantastic plant nutrition that helps synthesize neurons that are important for good memory.

Loss of memory is a disease. For any disease the basic reason is the nutrition deficiency. If we take nutritious diet we will be strong and no external aggression can slaughter us. Unfortunately we do not realize this simple and basic fundamental and indulge is all sorts of activities that are contrary to this basic health requirement.

How to enhance the memory power? There are two important aspects. Keep the blood vessel strong so that the nutrition Synapse xt is taken to the brain. Keep the brain cells strong so that there is no lack of memory. How do we ensure this?

Our brain is made up of billions of nerve cells. They are interwoven with each other. This is called the network of brain cells. Each cell is inter-connected by an arrangement called synapse. Chemical neurotransmitters are released by the cell through the synapse. The receptors in the second cell receive them in the form of electrical and biochemical signals. Synapse is the central to the health of the brain. It has to be maintained properly by providing required nutrition.

Bacosides are the active principles of bacopa herb. It provides muscles to the proteins that are responsible to produce new neurons to replace the damaged and old ones. This process makes the synapse healthier and guarantees effective neurotransmission.

However the above process will be ineffective if the blood vessels near the brains are not strong enough. In fact our blood vessels are stronger near the heart and very soft near the brain. The soft blood vessels are subjected to contraction and not enough blood reaches the brain. The trick is to relax these muscles that will ensure smooth blood flow. For this there is a fantastic herb called vinca minor. This has a great antioxidant and neurology related nutrition known as vinpocetine.

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