How To Get a Flat Tummy – Top 4 Tricks Towards Getting a Flat Tummy

It has been my problem since high school and until now; maybe you are also facing such problem like mine. We all want to get a flat tummy. Who are the proud few to say that they love their bulging tummy? No one. Indeed, it is a want for all of us to get what we truly desire about our tummy. Even to the impossibility, we are still finding ways to achieve it. How positive!

Do you feel like your tummy skin and fats are pouring out on your tight skinny jeans? Have you tried unconsciously unbuttoning your tops after eating? Do you feel bloated and pregnant looking? For sure any of these you can relate, and you might have been dealing this for years, living with insecurities, lowed self esteem and confidence.

True enough, having a big tummy is not at all pleasing to look at. Okay, enough with it. We know right! It’s ugly, unpleasant, turn off, truly horrible for people who have it and who can see it, but are we going to stop right here? Are we going to hate such fat, blame on it, live with the most ugly life experience with poor confidence and self-esteem? Are we bound to stay with such a life forever? Are we going to let our vanity influence and rule us? Sometimes, it’s your personal wisdom will tell you to stop such stupidity – as they may call it. When you were born fat, it’s not your choice, but as you grow older and realize that you are far from the norm because of overweight, there are a lot of options and healthy tips to help you do and eat what is okay and what is not. So, when you feel the world is so unfair to you, think again. Your body today will reflect on what have you done months or years ago. You have a lot of chances but have you been careless and spend so much time indulging with foods? Well, it is you who to be blame and it is in you whether you will work upon your tummy fat or not.

So, let’s say you decide to work on it, you want to bring the changes in yourself, what is important to be mindful for is the sincerity and motivation to do it. failure to have it will have a failure on itself and to the desired plan. Let’s be realistic here, let’s all take everything possible and it is in you to choose what is best.

It’s Time! Get a Flat Tummy Now, not tomorrow or the next day!

1) First things first: Review your diet! Learn it by heart…

This is a basic thing, but the most basic Biotox gold is harder to follow. Now, let’s determine the good and the bad:


  • Animal protein such as lean meats, poultry (chicken and turkey breast) and fish, preferably grilled or steamed)
  • Small quantities of whole grains (brown rice)
  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • Root vegetables such as carrots, radishes etc.
  • Flowered vegetables such as cabbage, squash, etc.
  • Fresh or dried fruits
  • Black chocolate (minimum amount)
  • Water, tea and herbal tea every meal.


  • Saucy dishes (more soy sauce),
  • Fried foods (fries, chicken etc)
  • Dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese)
  • White foods (white bread, white rice, pasta)
  • Soft drinks and sweet fruits juices
  • Sweets ( cakes, white chocolates, candies, etc.)
  • Alcohol

Eat at regular hours: this is not known to many but skipping meals can make you gain weight and make more fat on the tummy. So, eat smaller meals daily 5-6 daily with 3 hours interval. No what GOOD and BAD, okay? Eating regularly and often can speed up your metabolism and fat burning process, thereby causing weight loss and tummy fats are easily burnt. It can also prevent you from overeating because you feel full longer.

2) Get it on! Keep on moving and get some sweat! Do the exercise!

Combining exercise with DIET is important if you really want a flat stomach. It actually burn calories, melt down the fat locally, improves your bad posture and naturally improve and promote good functioning of the organs, thus assisting the absorption and elimination function of the body. it also improves your breathing, circulation and pumping ability of the heart.

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