Cool Car Gadgets

Many people think of their cars as a simple method of transportation designed to take them to work, school and around town. Many of us don’t think twice about the gadgets inside our autos but the fact is that they make life a lot easier. Most modern autos are equipped with stereo systems, climate control systems and lots of safety features. Here are a few of the coolest gadgets in our vehicles.

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Driving is a lot more fun if you’ve got some good tunes to jam too, especially if you are taking a long road trip or stuck in traffic for hours. Can you imagine driving without hearing anything except your running engine? It’s very disconcerting let me tell you! Today’s vehicles even have USB ports which allow you to plug in your Ipod player while others are equipped with massive hard drives allowing you to store tens of thousands of tunes Autel Maxisys MS909.

The sunroof is a feature that allows you to allow the fresh air and sun’s rays while you’re driving. It may seem like a simple thing and not really a big deal but it’s the smaller things that can make driving a lot more pleasant.

Are you the type of person who gets lost a lot? If so then you will definitely appreciate a good navigation system. This can get really handy when travelling or even in your own backyard. Many can even give you traffic updates and help you avoid congested and backed up roads.

Another useful feature is air bags. Many of today’s air bags deploy in stages while some even deploy based on the occupants height and weight in order to prevent injury. Many serious accidents are avoided because of air bags. However, it is important to always seat small children in the back seat since they can be killed by an air bag.

Eco Gauge Systems turns efficient driving into a fun challenge. As we all know, efficient cars are all the rage now. Ford has a feature called the SmartGauge which trains drivers to become even more efficient drivers. The LCD screen shows animations which change based on how well you are doing. It’s almost like playing a real life video game and it makes driving efficiently more fun and less of a chore.

Before Bluetooth was invented you could see many drivers holding a cell phone to their head when driving; definitely not a safe combination. Now thanks to this technology, drivers can keep their hands on the wheel while communicating with others. Some vehicle systems, such as Ford’s SYNC system even allow the driver to use voice commands in order to place and receive telephone calls.

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